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The 'happy and chatty Irish Dog Trainer'. From mighty County Tyrone, Ireland; studied and worked in Scotland and now based in Plymouth, Devon UK.

Carrying out in-person 1-to-1 Training Lessons, Walk+Train and Fitness conditioning sessions locally. Catering for Online Behaviour Consultations and attending Seminars Nationally and Internationally.

Fully insured and registered hands-on Training + Walking service specialising in Behavioural Consultancy. Finn has worked closely with registered kennels, animal rescue centres, professional online platforms as well as dedicated clients over several years of honing the skills in the craft.

Head Trainer Finn is qualified with a BSC (Hons.) in Animal Behaviour, Biology and Zoology. In addition to University, Finn has numerous recognised accreditations and memberships with trusted Pet Professional Organisations. He has lifetime hands-on experience with dogs of all breeds, sizes and temperaments, as well as various other animals. All adding to a professional profile that makes him and Celtic Canines the right choice for you and your dog.

A proud and active member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and serving on the European Members Committee (EMC). Promoting the best training standards, Dog Sports, networking, collaborating on projects and hosting Seminar + Workshops across Ireland, UK + Europe. 

Dedicated to continuing professional development with accredited courses and programs so that the business can provide the most up to date and expert service. 

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