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***Fill out the basic form in the 'Contact' section to get a further breakdown of all SERVICES + PRICING


    "Q. How much is Dog Training?"
Pricing is determined on what aspects are being addressed. This is not straightforward, as one case may be working on Basic Obedience, Recall, Leash Pulling. Others are looking for help with Reactivity or full Aggression. After you fill in a 'Contact Form' then we can discuss what you are looking help with, what is needed and Finn shall give an accurate pricing and next steps.


Behaviour and Training Consultation Package 

£150 - 350+

Here is an example of an average bespoke Training Package for a client......

- Initial Consult   (Online or In-person)
- Meet & Greet / 1-to-1 Lesson #1

A meeting in the comfort of your home lasting 1-3 hours, where we can discuss training requirements; where specialised attention is needed. This can include a ‘Shadow Walk’ if required.

- 1-to-1 Lesson #2

This is where Finn can get to know your dog and how best to support them. This Lesson can be -3 hours. 

- 1-to-1 Lesson #3

Follow up session where Finn should have a good understanding of your dog and what the next steps should be.

- Feedback Consult + Next steps

This can be either a face to face meeting, email or call to discuss Finn's thoughts on how to move forward with your dog. Here you can discuss his recommendations on what your dog would be suited to and make a bespoke package. This can be more '1-to-1 premium Lessons' or a combination of ‘Buddy Up’ or 'Group dog walk' sessions where your dog can learn and interact with other dogs out and about.

    Bespoke Dog Walking and

On-the-Go Training (Walk&Train)

  Meet & Greet Intro Session (Dog Training)    -  £50-65

  Meet & Greet Intro Session (Dog Walking)   -  £35




* In order for your dog to participate in Group Dog Walking, Finn needs to first meet you and your dog, make assessments and discuss your requirements this will be up to 1-2hrs. This can be at the Private Training Paddock, comfort of your own home or in a neutral green space (such a local park or your dogs favourite walk). Fill in the 'Contact' form and Celtic Canines will get back to with the next steps, more information and availability.





Group Dog Walk *


Up to four dogs walked on local moorland, woodland or other countryside settings for 1 to 3 hours.




Buddy-up Companion Walk *


Your dog plus one other dog to test temperament and character for 1 to 3 hours. This walk is suited to dogs with a nervous or reactive temperament. This allows your dog to have a canine company but without being overwhelmed in a larger group.  This walk will be carried out in a more remote, quieter countryside setting.  





1-to-1 Training Premium Lessons + Private Training Paddock


This is suited to a dog that may be socially anxious, history of 'Reactivity', Aggression has Behavioural issues, high Prey Drive or requires focused Handling. This will be a 1-3 hours session with Finn, who will give expert advice, techniques, equipment and handling. This will be the chance to learn from Head Trainer Finn and can develop into an independent session (Finn + your Dog) on moorland and local countryside. Finn will Train in a suitable environment that best matches your dog's needs. This can include a Lesson or independent Dog Training at his Private Training Paddock, located in rural Roborough ('Doorstep to Dartmoor')

It must first be discussed what unwanted/problem behaviours are going to be addressed. This is not always straightforward and can be complex to assess, diagnose triggers and underlying drivers; to then come up with a strategy to mitigate, manage and resolve.



Walk + Train  /  Adventure Hike   £30-45

Focused high intensity session where your dog will go running in a rural setting.  Perfect for fit and healthy high energy dogs. Between 1-3 hours including towel-down, check over and stretch out. Finn will work on essential skills, maintenance Training and continue to encourage the learning of healthy good habits. This will include on + off leash, in home, travelling, rural settings, when in company of other dogs, people and livestock. My most popular and sought after service. 



* All of the above services include home collection, the session, all over check (i.e grass seeds and ticks etc). As well as brush down/towel down. water refreshment and safe drop off. Rounded off with a follow up message summarising how the session went. 

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